Data workshop

We’ve all seen amazing visualizations that show the power of data – plots that shine with clarity, and animations that seem like magic. But back at your desk, it is just spreadsheets and SQL queries.
At ddnt360 we want to help you ‘fast forward’ to the magic part, so we’ve created a Data Workshop to help you accelerate to the next stage of using data in your business.

How it works

Start time

Schedule a time that is convenient for you. The workshop is approximately 4 hours long. There is no need to prepare anything – just bring yourself and one or two of the experts in your business.

Team up

Our workshop team comes to you – it is best to hold the workshop in a spacious room with a central table and some whiteboards. Our boardroom is available if you prefer.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Ask you detailed questions and review the data generated in your business
  • Review and discuss your current data strategy (it is ok if you don’t have one yet)
  • Based on these reviews, we will present the most appropriate methods for using data in your business – be it AI, Machine Learning, statistical methods, topological methods, or Bayesian methods, we’ll explain what methods are a fit and why.
  • Discuss how your data would be integrated (data fusion) to enable the methods to work
  • Discuss how you would integrate these methods into your BAU operations – i.e. what tools you would use. We are vendor-agnostic and will present the pros and cons of each popular solution.


After the workshop, you will receive a tailored report within 10 working days presenting the detail of the workshop and adding further detail to discussions of data methods and tools. The report has these headings:

  • Data review
  • Summary of all data in the business
  • Review of potentially useful external and public data
  • Data strategy
  • Summary of existing strategy
  • Recommendations for future development
  • Recommended methods
  • Applicable statistical methods
  • Applicable AI/ML methods
  • Recommended analysis processes and strategies
  • Recommended data warehouse
  • Data size considerations
  • Data processing considerations
  • Data fusion and integration
  • Comparison of relative costs
  • Tools
  • Data cleaning and processing
  • Data analysis
  • Data presentation and report generation


The data workshop and report are available for a fee of $7,900 inc GST.

Data Privacy

Are you concerned about the impact of new data privacy regulations in Europe such as the GDPR? Are you ready to react to a data breach? We offer an optional extension to the workshop to cover the world of data privacy regulations, breach protection and breach reaction, and help you to prepare for an increasingly regulated future. The extension will add 1.5 hours to the workshop and attracts an additional fee of $2,000 inc GST.