Our services

We work on a consulting basis to help you design and implement a data solution for your business.

We go beyond data storage and engineering: a ddnt360 solution interfaces your business with your data to put your data to work.

Data workshop

Generating data but not sure where to go? Engage us for a half-day workshop to understand where your business can benefit from data you already have – or plan to collect.


Data compliance consulting

Regulators are waking up to the power – and the danger – of big data. ddnt360 has 20 years’ compliance consulting: designing processes for audit compliance, and performing internal audits. We work with governments and private hospitals for GDPR compliance, and motorways and infrastructure assets in Australia for ISO and regulatory compliance.


Geospatial data services

Maps and data need geospatial work to mix well. Help us create a unified ‘source of truth’ for your data – and put it on the map.


Full data solutions

Working with our implementation partner Sorsix, ddnt360 can design, deliver and deploy a turnkey solution that puts your data to work in your business.


Deal advisory

A company’s data can be a massive asset. ddnt360 prepares data for transactions by processing and showcasing for maximum value.


Who we are

ddnt360 is a group of Sydney-based consultants specializing in data solution development. Our team of 25 data scientists, process engineers and compliance consultants is backed by over 100 developers in Europe. We have worked in turnkey solution development for over 20 years, with a focus on quality driven by regulatory compliance and quality processes.

Our work

Below you will find just a few examples of our work. Get in touch to learn more about what we have done in your industry.


All QANTAS communications pass through a turnkey solution designed by ddnt360, integrating a suite of vendor systems. This solution has been in operation for over 6 years with no downtime.


ddnt360, in partnership with Sorsix International, created the Pinga healthcare solution which drives and integrates the healthcare of 10m patients in Europe. The system has been running for 5 years with 99.99% uptime. The system was deployed for 7m patients in 6 months – the fastest e-health deployment at state level in history.


ddnt360 have created a solution for geospatial data fusion, enabling datasets anchored on incompatible and disparate geospatial data to be combined into a source of truth. Parts of this solution are in use at RMS. We build products we use ourselves: GeoFuze powers our data science teams in delivery of geospatial data services.